About Us

About Us

Our story
The body's natural production of collagen decreases with age and as a result the skin develops wrinkles. At Swedish Collagen we think this is unfair. That's why we created our brand.

Swedish Collagen is a pioneering skin care brand that produces high-quality beauty products, developed to prevent wrinkles and give new strength to your skin. Our goal is to satisfy you and your skin with the nutrition it needs to give you radiance and firmer skin. Therefore, we have fortified our products with a high amount of collagen per dose, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals to strengthen collagen production in the body. A completely unique formula that works with beauty inside and out, to give you the result you are looking for.

Made in Sweden
Our head office is located in Malmö, in Southern Sweden, and this is where we handle everything from product development to production and distribution. We offer high-quality nutritional supplements made from the best raw materials. That's something we're proud of.

Distributed in Ireland by -
Wellbeing Distributors Ltd
Swedish Collagen Ireland 
Nesta Building, 4-5 Burton Hall Road
Dublin 18, D18A094
For more information - contact - email - wellbeingks@gmail.com or fill in the form.

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